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Self-Healing means “self-manifesting”, “self-emanating” or “self-emitting”. In this style of qigong, one learns to manifest or activate qi from within oneself. Although qi pervades the universe, qigong exercises are instrumental in accumulating qi to the healthiest levels as well as unblocking the qi meridians.

While the basic exercise of Shaolin Self-Healing Qigong is shaking in the standing position, there are many other exercises, with variations in the arm positions and even leg movements, associated with it.  In the beginning, the movements are voluntary, but once the qi flows, they become spontaneous.

Unlike many qigong-healing methods which involve passive healing, i.e., the master transmits his qi to stimulate healing in the patient, Shaolin Self-Healing Qigong healing is mostly activated, i.e., by the patients themselves. All patients, including paralysed stroke patients, have or attempt to do the shaking exercise. For those who are paralysed, there may be little or no movements in the beginning but they will definitely improve during the course of the treatment. Most will be able to leave their wheelchairs or walking sticks. It is effective for almost all chronic problems such as spinal problems, arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, asthma, insomnia and others.

While everyone can do qigong exercises to increase qi strength and improve its flow, the master is able to command not only his qi but also the qi in others. It is often seen in demonstrations where qigong masters enable their students or volunteers to “move” involuntarily. This is simple proof that qi exists, and can affect the body. For the students or volunteers, it is a valuable firsthand experience of the effects of qi as many people often wonder what qi is.

The effects of qi are most powerful when it is accumulated, condensed, and manipulated or transmitted by the command of a master. A master can command the qi in another person just by his thoughts, without even moving his hands.

But the will (mindpower) of different masters differ in their effects, according to their training, passion and destiny. Some masters can create fire and do fantastic physical feats, but cannot heal, while others utilise their talents and gifts for the most noble cause – healing. Interestingly, some masters who have trained to heal can summon the qi for defensive martial arts in cases of emergency. Masters trained in both the healing and martial arts of qigong will, therefore, make formidable fighters.

The most valuable effect of qi is its healing effects. This is where Shaolin Self-Healing Qigong excels in, and why Sifu Tan is much sought after, although he has avoided publicity all this while.

Jumpstart to Healing
If even the students need to be given a qi “boost” to get them started, then those who are sick will need this even more. Those with chronic diseases would otherwise need many hours of practice before they can start feeling the qi moving their body. To jumpstart the healing process, the master would have to transmit his qi to the patient. This charging by the master is equivalent to 20 hours of the patient’s own practice, and he does this charging to every patient at every healing session. No wonder his patients improve so fast. And if the patients themselves diligently practise the exercises daily on their own, the healing process would be further accelerated.

To have that much qi to heal people requires the master himself to be supercharged with qi, and so he has to practise a lot everyday. And as he transmits his qi to sick people at the start of every healing session, he also has to remove their “bad” qi, which means he has to “detox” (cleansing) himself for an hour after each healing session.

Self-Healing Qigong
By allowing me to write about him, Sifu Tan Kai Sing hopes that this style of qigong will be known to all and there will be successors after him who will continue to practise and teach this advanced healing qigong style in order that thousands more sick people could be helped. And if you are ready to sweat, this one’s for you. Besides, it’s fun to do too!

Dr Amir Farid Isahak




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