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In the previous article I wrote about Sifu Tan Kai Sing and his Shaolin Self-Healing Qigong. In order to directly convey what it does, and for the benefit of the non-Chinese enthusiasts who may have trouble pronouncing Self-Healing correctly, Sifu Tan has decided to call the style “Shaolin Self-Healing Qigong”, or simply “Self-Healing Qigong”.

To illustrate to readers the tremendous benefits of this exercise, I personally interviewed many of the patients who sought treatment from Sifu Tan. I shall relate some of the remarkable stories today. They also want the world to know their amazing stories so that others who suffer like them could also benefit from Sifu Tan’s healing ability and the healing power of Shaolin Self-Healing Qigong.

Because of the many requests received, Sifu Tan has agreed to come to Kuala Lumpur for healing sessions, and to conduct lessons.

Mr Kuan is 61 years old and had a stroke 8 years ago. He had a large swelling on his forehead, suffered from hemiplegia ( paralysis of the left side of his face and body ) and was told that he had severe hypertension. Although the doctors tried their best to treat him, he could not stand or walk on his own, and was bedridden most of the time. His tears continually flowed from his eyes; and he had blurred and double vision, and dizziness. His head was permanently lopsided ( to the left ) and he had to support it with his left hand whenever he was helped into the sitting position, or supported to walk. His leg muscles began to atrophy and even his skin looked like fish-scale after sometime. He was on many medicines for all his problems.

Treatments from several traditional Chinese physicians and acupuncturists also did not help. So for the next 6 years he lived as an invalid. And because he always had his left hand supporting his swollen, lopsided head whenever he was seen outside the home ( in a wheelchair or supported by others ), everyone in town knew about him.

Then one day two years ago, he was carried to Sifu Tan for daily treatment. Nothing happened after the first two sessions. But on the third day, he could “miraculously” ( in his own words ) lift his head and the tears stopped flowing.

After 1 week he could stand up and walk with a walking stick. After another 2 weeks he could walk unaided. Encouraged by these rapid results, he practised the Self-Healing Qigong exercise diligently for 4 hours every day, remembering what a torture life was the previous 6 years. Sifu Tan instructed him to do only 1 simple standing exercise, yet the improvements became more obvious day by day. Even the lump on his head gradually disappeared.

After 1 month of treatments and self-practice, he could walk like any normal person. After 2 months, his eyesight and skin became normal.

Now, 2 years later, his arms and legs are strong, and he can squat, run and climb stairs confidently. His blood pressure is normal and he is not taking any drugs at all! He is fit and healthy and still does the Self-Healing Qigong exercises regularly.

When the townfolks noticed the amazing change in this once-lopsided invalid, they became curious about what had cured him, and many came for treatment and lessons with Sifu Tan.

This story illustrates that you can still hope for complete recovery even after many years of stroke. However, in all cases, Sifu Tan insists that the patient must seek medical treatment first before seeking his help. And finally, how much the patient recovers depends a lot on his or her own commitment to the healing exercises.

Mr Lew is only 49 years old but already suffers from severe diabetes and severe heart disease that required angioplasty with 5 stents keeping his coronary arteries open. He also had blurred vision and bloodshot eyes that caused him to be blind for 1 hour every morning for many years despite all the medications and medical treatments.

Two years ago he came for treatment with Sifu Tan, and after 1 month his eye problem was completely cured. Unfortunately, he did not continue the treatment nor practised on his own. He was also not disciplined in his diet and lifestyle. His condition gradually deteriorated and 6 months ago he was admitted with kidney failure and was told that he needed dialysis urgently.

Faced with the prospect of life-long dialysis, he discharged himself, telling the doctors he needed time to decide. Instead he went to Sifu Tan for daily treatment, felt better, and after 1 week, went to the hospital for review. He was told that dialysis was no longer necessary, but he had to come for regular checks. Now 6 months later he still does not need dialysis, and he intends to keep it so by being more disciplined in his diet, lifestyle, taking medications, attending healing sessions, and practising Self-Healing Qigong.

As a medical doctor, I do not condone any patient defying the doctors’ advice without good reasons, but I guess he was desperate. However, his story does illustrate that in certain cases, qigong can help in severe kidney disease. It would have been better if he had been consistent and disciplined from the beginning and avoided going into kidney failure.

Mrs Wong is a 60 year old retiree who had hypertension and familial hypercholesterolemia for many years even though she took care of her weight and diet, and did daily brisk walking. Fed-up with having to take drugs despite her healthy lifestyle, she took lessons from Sifu Tan without revealing that she was on medication for the two problems. During the third session, she nearly fainted.

Then she revealed her health condition and started treatment. From the third session onwards, she felt excruciating pulling pain on both arms every time Sifu Tan transmitted qi to her. She got scared before every session. Sifu Tan explained that she had severe blockages in her qi meridians which would clear up in due course. After 2 weeks the pain gradually disappeared and she began to enjoy the treatment sessions as she felt healthier.

Now 2 years later, her blood pressure is normal with only 1/6 the original dose of her medication, and her cholesterol is normal with only ¼ the original dose of anti-cholesterol drug. When she goes on tours or shopping, she notices that she has more energy and stamina to outlast the younger people.

Her husband, who is 64 years and also suffers from hypertension for over 30 years, was so impressed with her improvement that he also sought treatment from Sifu Tan. His drug dose has also been reduced by half.

These stories prove that it is possible to improve chronic diseases even after many years, and reduce or even stop ( as in Mr Kuan’s case ) drug medication.

Mrs Wong’s story also illustrates that the Self-Healing Qigong exercises are intense, and are suitable only for those who are healthy. Those with any health problem must undergo treatment first to strengthen their qi, before they can safely do the exercises. For their safety, patients should not hide any health problem from the master.

There are many more stories of people partially or completely recovering from arthritis, insomnia, migraine, spinal injury, and cerebral palsy, among others. I hope to share their equally touching stories in future articles.

There was even one skeptic who wanted to test the master and resisted Sifu Tan’s attempt to move him. So nothing happened during the first session. Because of the resistance, Sifu Tan had to transmit lots of qi to get him moving, but when he started shaking during the next session, he couldn’t stop until Sifu Tan intervened. Now he is an ardent student and after 2 years of practice, even he can “pull” others with his qi.

Sifu Tan is indeed a remarkable healer, and Shaolin Self-Healing Qigong is a remarkable healing art. However, how much and how fast patients will get the benefit depends on how correctly they practise, and how often. Patients like Mr Kuan recovered from 6 years of disability in just 1 month after practising 4 hours daily. Others who were less disciplined, and did not even practise the 1 hour daily required of them, progressed at much slower rates.

Those who are healthy but would like to learn the art to maintain their health and avoid diseases must be forewarned that those who want to learn from Sifu Tan must be serious and committed. Sifu Tan is a caring and dedicated master and he would like his students to be like that too.

Those who are interested can visit www.superqigong.com or www.qigonghb.com.my for details.

Dr Amir Farid Isahak

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