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Malaysia has many good and even famous qigong masters. While some have ventured overseas and become internationally known, others have chosen to remain low profiled and shunned publicity. After much coaxing, this hidden “Shaolin Self-Healing Qigong” grandmaster has, finally, agreed to share his style of qigong with the public-at-large.

At an early age of 13, Sifu Tan Kai Sing was adopted by Great Grandmaster Lau Yoke of the Shaolin Self-Healing Qigong who subsequently brought him to Hong Kong to be trained and nurtured as the next grandmaster. Kai Sing actually means “the inheritor” and was the name given by Grandmaster Lau Yoke. Although there were many other students, Kai Sing was the only one trained in the most vigorous and disciplined way befitting his designated task of becoming the next grandmaster.

The basic exercise of Shaolin Self-Healing Qigong is shaking (or vibrating) in the standing position. In fact, for the first three years, this was the only exercise Kai Sing was taught to practise repeatedly, until he could manifest the qi strongly. According to him, no student today would be willing to go through this kind of discipline repeatedly, so he has to “jumpstart” them by transmitting them his own qi to enable them to manifest the qi faster and learn the other exercises earlier.

He also went through rigorous training in tae kwan do, kung fu and tai chi. Since young, he was more attracted to the combative and competitive kung fu and tae kwan do instead of qigong and tai chi.

He achieved the top grades in martial arts, excelled in competitions, and even represented the country in the eighties on many occasions. Even then he used his qigong training to give him the edge over his competitors.

After retiring from competitions, he devoted more time to qigong and realised that qigong was even more powerful than the other styles, including the martial arts. What was more important was that through teaching qigong, he could help many people recover from their health problems.

Now, after 40 years of practising qigong, Sifu Tan’s power is exceptional, and over the years, he has healed thousands of people.

Dr Amir Farid Isahak




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