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Every year the surveys show that Malaysians ( like most Asians ) fair very poorly when it comes to sex. We make love almost 50% less often than the top European countries, and complain that sex becomes very much less exciting as we grow older. At one time Malaysians were the top users of Viagra in the world,which shows that Malaysian men “tak boleh” ( cannot ) perform on their own.

There are many reasons for this. Nowadays, everyone is obsessed with the need to earn more money. Some have two jobs, and both the men and women work long hours to keep up with their expenses. The modern lifestyle means that we have to earn more because we have to spend more! Everyone is much more stressed than before. There is not much time for rest, recreation, being with loved ones and the family, and also little time for sex and romance. Poor diet and lifestyle, with lack of exercise, make the matter worse. So many of us have heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and lack energy. All these health problems lead to poor libido (desire), erectile dysfunction, impotency and frigidity.

So even if there is time for sex, many men and women have either lost their libido, cannot perform properly, and therefore don’t enjoy sex fully.

What can you do to recharge your sex life and recover your youthful libido and performance?

Taking care of your diet, managing time, work and stress, and regular exercise are some obvious steps you should take. But these are not enough to quickly restore your libido and sexual energy. Since sexual energy is a form of qi ( life force ), the only sure way is to practise qigong. And while there are many styles of qigong that are good for health and also for sex, there is only one style that can definitely restore your libido and sex power within a short time.

This special qigong style is unique in that the sexual qi is quickly charged as you do the exercises which involveshaking and vibrating the sexual organs! But don’t try this at home without learning properly from the master. You can injure yourself!!

The shaking and vibrating exercises enhance and distribute the qi to the whole body for health and healing, and when concentrated on the kidneys, pelvis and sexual organs, they will restore the libido, sexual power and endurance quickly. This applies to both men and women. The men will have strong and lasting erections and the women will have better sensation, grip and orgasm. The exercises will tighten their vaginas and prevent uterine prolapse as well.

The exercises are done in the standing, sitting and sleeping positions, so you can imagine how versatile you can be in bed! And when you have practised enough, your sex organs will vibrate by themselves whenever you get sexcited! That’s really amazing.

Ever wonder how the old Chinese Emperors satisfied their 1000 young concubines? We will teach you their secret….




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